Pistachio Cupcakes

Nothing beats a good old vanilla or chocolate cupcake, but I really I like cupcakes that take on less traditional flavors. in this case, pistachio brings a nice blend of salt, crunch, and color.

Blueberry Lemon Tart

When I first became "serious" about baking, say about ten years ago, I made a lemon blueberry tart. It was quite like this one, and it's been a part of my repertoire ever since. 

Blueberry Muesli

This recipe could be adapted in a million different ways, but the key ingredients are coconut and cinnamon. And, the ginger really gives the muesli a kick! 

Chocolate Plum Cake

Plums, it turns out, go with almost anything, including chocolate. This cake is extra moist--because of the plums!--and the whipped cream topping adds a light creamy flavor to this decadent summer treat. 

Plum Cobbler

With a plum tree in the backyard, we had quite the crop of fruit this summer. Which means plum everything! Jam. Muffins. Cake. And my favorite, cobbler.